Wignall DDS - Facebook Reviews
These small cards were created as part of a PR push by my father's dentistry. He was trying to increase his presence in online reviews, so I created these to be printed and placed about the office. They had to be friendly and simple to interact with via the QR code.
Couch Cosmonauts - Logo
These branding elements were created for my graduate school game team, the Couch Cosmonauts. Our 20-man team was ambitious, inexperienced, and hungry to create. Our name came from a long, interesting pitch meeting, and the bear mascot came naturally out of that name.
In the main logo, I wanted to present us as a professional organization, but a little rough on the edges. In the larger banner I got to express more of our love for playing and making games, as well as the chaos of our workspace as we figured out large-scale software development on the fly.
To add some team-building to the process, I created several variations on the core character, which were put up to a vote.
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